Frequently Asked Questions

Who created Primagen and Protogen?

Cedar Andrews, also known as Cool Koinu or Malice-Risu.

Can I make a Primagen or Protogen?

You are welcome to create a Protogen*, but ideally not a Primagen. This is due to the fact that Primagen are a species that Cedar Andrews originally made just for herself and her boyfriend, and were made available through auctions due to a growing popular demand.

* Rare Protogen are a closed species. Uncommon & Common protogens are free to be created. The only major differences between rare and non-rare protogen are that rare protogen may have extra limbs and functional wings, whereas regular protogen cannot. A trait sheet is in development.

Can my Protogen be upgraded to a Primagen if I win an auction?


Can Primagen/Protogen reproduce?

No, they cannot.
Primagen possess genitalia but they are sterile, so reproduction is not possible. Protogen also possess sterile genitals, and they are hidden behind their crotch armor (which can slide back for use). Neither species possesses any form of breasts. Both species are canonically intersex (cloaca).

What do Protogen and Primagen sound like?

Whatever they were programmed to sound like or speak. Some communicate through robotic languages, alien languages and are able to learn communication through an advanced artificial mimicking system inside the larynx.

Are there baby Protogen and Primagen?

No. There is no such thing as a ‘baby’ Protogen or Primagen. Primagen and protogen alike are both grown in tubes. This means that until they fully develop they do not leave the aformentioned tubes. Therefore, baby protogen and primagen do not exist outside of a tube and cannot survive until after the growing process is done.

Do visors need to be black or can they be any color?

Visors can be any color you please.

Can either species remove their visor?

No, primagens cannot remove their visors as their life support and basic function rely on connections hardwired through the visor.

Protogens cannot remove their visors as they are not accessories but rather their actual faces. If a protogen’s visor was removed it would likely die rather quickly.

Why were Primagen and Protogens created?

Primagens & Protogens were developed to be the ultimate scouting and reconnaissance units, intelligent controllable drones that could live and adapt to the various planetary conditions.

Can I join the groups?

Yes! You may join any of the groups we have in our Official Social Media submenu. The only exception to this is the primagens DeviantArt group, which is closed to owners of primagens exclusively.

Can Protogen have wings?

Common & uncommon (‘free’) protogen may have non-functional, small chibi wings just used for show. Rare protogens may exclusively possess usable wings which can be obtained through Cedar Andrew’s rare protogen package.

How can I get a rare Protogen?

Rare Protogen slots aren’t always open, but are most commonly acquired as MYO (make-your-own) slots from her Patreon for a one-time pledge of $60. They can also be won as existing designs through auctions on her furaffinity page.

Can protogen be feral?

No. They may only stand upright on two legs in an anthropomorphic manner. Feral is a trait exclusive to primagen.

How are “primagen” and “protogen” pronounced?

Prime-a-jen (praɪmʌʤɛn)

Pro-toe-jen (proʊtoʊʤɛn)

Note: These pronunciations are already plural. A group of primagen are primagen, not primagens.

Can Protogen have feathers instead of fur?

Feathers are fine, as are scales and smooth membrane skin.

Can Protogen have weapon attachments instead of hands and can they have additional armor?

Yes they can have weapon attachments as hands. As for armor, so long as it does not resemble a Primagen, then yes. It just must be an attachment and underneath is still their normal form.

Can Protogen have a jetpack backpack?

Yes, however, it must look like a noticeable jetpack and not be attached. Accessories, not parts of their body.

Can Protogen feature paws for hands?

Paws for hands are acceptable as a style but not as an actual function. Fingers can be fluffier/rounder with a bit less of the grabby claws, but they still must be recognizable and still hands. As in not feral paws. They must still have opposable thumbs.

How do Protogen survive space travel?

Protogen can switch to hibernation mode which basically slows the entire bodies way of functioning. All their vital organs are running but at an almost dormant pace to survive long space travel or stranded situations. In stranded situations a beacon is emitted and the Protogen will power down to hibernation mode until the beacon is picked up and returned. Protogen will not run at 100% for a short amount of time after hibernation mode as it takes a large toll on the body to switch back on to normal function. During this stage they are quite fragile.

Note: They cannot survive in outer space without a suit or spaceship.

How tall are Protogen?

Between 4 and 6 feet tall, with the average being exactly 5 feet. They are rarely taller or shorter than 5 feet as all protogen are fundamentally clones of the same base DNA, and height is a less common mutation.

Can Protogen have fins?

Yes, so long as it still follows basic anatomy.

Can I add robotic parts to my Protogen?

You are welcomed to get creative with robotic wearable attachments for the most part. In terms of robotic replacements, protogen can have one set of robotic limbs.

Can I add extra fluff to certain areas on my Protogen?

Yes, so long as you can tell it’s still a Protogen and not a giant puff ball.

How can I get a Primagen?

You can only officially obtain a Primagen through Malice-Risu’s auctions on

How much do Primagen auctions go for?

Auctions start at $100.00 with no set autobuy. The price of the auctions is ultimately decided by bidders.
The current cheapest Primagen slot ever sold was $300 in 2016, with the most expensive going for $4,750 in 2019.

Can I just pay Cedar to make me one or give me a slot?

Unfortunately no. There are no plans of changing the official method from auctions for the foreseeable future.

Are there Primagen MYO Slots?


What do you get when you purchase a Primagen?

The rights to the character and partial rights to use the species, as well as additional art that scales in volume proportionally to the value of the auction.

Who made Ascii and Abraxis’ fursuits?

The suits were made by Kaiborg Studios. Heads start at $3,165.00.

How old do you need to be to enter an auction?

You must be 18+ years or older to do any sort of business with Cedar, therefore you must be at least 18 to enter an auction.

Can I have a friend bid for me on an auction if I’m under 18?


Can I Co-Own a Primagen with someone?

No, you may not. Only one owner per Primagen. Primagen’s are a closed species and co-owning can cause problems.

What happens if I become banned from the community and own a Primagen or Protogen?

While you will get to keep the character, it becomes invalid within the community.

Can I resell a Primagen?

Yes, however you can only resell for the price you bought it for, unless more art has been bought. You cannot include gift art in the price.

How many Primagen can I own?

You may only own 1 Primagen. This allows for others to have a chance at one.

Are their payment plans for Primagen auctions?

Payment plans will be advertised if available, otherwise full payment is needed within 48 hours of auction end time. Payment plans won’t entirely diminish, but they will be very tight and on a strict schedule.

Primagen are for the creator’s friends only, right?

No, no one gets special treatment. A majority of Primagen owners had no prior relationship with Malice (the creator).

How tall are Primagen?

Primagen height can vary wildly. The shortest Primagen are around 7 feet, while some are as tall as 18.

Will Primagen ever become open?

No, they will never be an open species,  Protogen were created for the purpose of fulfilling an open species designed by Cedar.

Who are the Creators?

The Creators are the beings who bioengineered Primagens and Protogens. It is known that they come from the heart of the Oridia Nebula. Within the cosmic clouds the Creators have colonised a few star systems, each accessible via warp gate systems that were developed thousands of Earth years ago. The Creators are considered a type III civilisation on the Kardashev Scale. They are able to control energy on the scale of its entire host galaxy, as well as harness Arcanical Energy. This ancient alien race strives in the exploration of uncharted space and alternate dimensions.

What is Arcanical Energy?

Arcanical Energy is a force of interdimensional magic that flows throughout this universe. Beings who are able to harness such power are considered to be ‘Arcai’. While Arcanical energy serves as alternative energy form, it’s also considering a highly spiritual and universally connected force. In the year E18 – 25, Arcanical energy was converted into a power source for Warp gates, allowing travel and large matter transportation across the universe. This was a huge jump in terraforming technology, allowing quicker colonisation to new planets and star systems.

Are creators open to make?

In the future The Creators will be open to make, but for now it is asked you do not create one until the official design is finished.

What do I do if I’ve found an invalid design?

You don’t need to do anything if you’ve found an invalid design. You may choose to report it to staff so we can keep watch, or you may leave it be. But please don’t take action yourself.

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