This page is a work in progress!

Below is some information pertinent to Protogen only. Protogen are an open species, and Primagen are still a closed species.

When creating a protogen, it is very important that you follow the correct anatomy of the species. Some important notes:

  • If a protogen has any horns, it is by definition uncommon.
  • Uncommon protogen may have one or two sets of ears.
  • The base armor of a protogen cannot be changed. Their chestplates, shoulder panels, crotch plates and leg panels must all be present. They can be added upon or modified in shape, but they must be at least the same size as originally depicted.
  • Wings are not allowed unless you win a rare auction (currently only available from Cedar herself). This does NOT include ‘chibi’ or ‘floaty’ wings, however.
  • Protogen have short visors, as opposed to the longer visors found in primagen. These visors are typically rounded, but may also be small and boxy or have a slightly ‘snout-like’ appearance.

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